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Football-Show in Sporthaus Lilienthal/Sport 2000

The football show was organized by Sporthaus Lilienthal in Lilienthal the 29th March 2015. I performed in the main hall and it was fun. Afterwards there was a workshop in juggling and football tricks. Below you find pictures and a video from the event.

“Zander trifft” – Football show for the Zander group in Veltins Arena the 27th and 28th March 2015

I performed during “Zander trifft” in my Schalke 04 shirt the 27th and 28th March. I trained the youth in juggling and joked with the FC Schalke 04 mascot Erwin.

I would be pleased to be at the next event “Zander trifft” in two years.

Below you find a video from the event and four pictures:

“Football-Virtuose” Sinan Öztürk is enthusiastic”

I was pleased to perform at the “Fest des Kamener Sports 2015” the 21st March 2015 and want to thank all people who made this event possible.

I entertained the crowd with my freestyle, football and fire juggling show.

Currently I work on a high unicycle juggling show. Maybe I will show it at the next “Fest des Kamener Sports”.

12th JFK-Cup – national and international high class junior teams + Sinan Öztürks Footballfreestyle and Juggling Show

The traditional junior football club JFK-Cup from Thedinghausen opened their football cup the 10th January. National and international junior football teams participated, like e.g. Bayer Leverkusen, Hannover 96 SV Werder Bremen, VFL Wolfsburg and from abroad Izmir Altinordu (Turkey), Rapid Wien and Sieger Deutsch-Tschechische Fußballschule.

The final was played the 11th January.

I performed for the participants and the crowd. It was fun for all of us as you see with the Pictures below:



Sinan Öztürk broke three Guinness World Records at the World Record Day 2014 – His aim is to get Germanys most successful World Record holder

The Guinness World Record Day was organized by IMM in Mittweida. The event was profesional planed and organized by them. You find more information in the link below:

Togehter with the IMM Virtuos we tried to break four Guinness World Recors. I was able to break three of them and came a step closer to get Germays most successful Guinness World Record holder!

Below you find a list of the three World Records I broke at the IMM World Record Day in Mittweida 2014.


  1. Throw a football with your foot and catch it with your neck – 35 times in 1 minute
  2. Balance a football on your shin bone – 1 minute 55 seconds
  3. Balance a football on your head and do knee-bends – 52 times in 1 minute

Performance at „Mehmet Ali ile Adini sen koy“ at Star TV in Instanbul – moderatet by the number 1 turkish showman Mehmet Ali Erbil and actress Serenay Aktas

Jackpot! My first performance in Turkey and they invited me to „Mehmet Ali ile sen koy“! I had some pleasant day in Instanbul from the 15th to the 18th September.

The most famous turkish TV showman Mehmet Ali Erbil moderated the show with his charming assistant, also known as a first league football player for 1207 Antalyaspor and actress. During my performance she assisted me during the begininng and showed her football skills.

You find my performance and some pictures below:

Sinan Öztürk mit dem Türkischen Showmaster Mehmet Ali Erbil

Sinan Öztürk mit Fußballerin und Schauspielerin Serenay Aktas - Ball dreht sich

Sinan Öztürk mit Fußballerin und Schauspielerin Serenay Aktas - Gleich kommt der Ball rauf

Sinan Öztürk mit Fußballerin und Schauspielerin Serenay Aktas - Sie wird vorbereitet

Fair IFA 2014 – Show as Footballfreestyler und Footballjuggler for Hisense, moderation Gunnar Bellstedt

Berlin was amazing!

I had the pleasure to be at the most important international fair for consumer electronics and home appliances in Berlin, from 5th until 10th September.

During six days deals were made worth 4.25 billion Euro and 1,538 exhibitors presented their new technologies on 149,000 square meters. They had more than 240,000 visitors!

My performance enthused people from all the world. Hinsense gave me the opportunity to present myself and make advertisement for them. It was an immense honour and joy to be at the IFA 2014 and I want to thank Hinsense and United Communications for the opportunity. I look forward to see them at the next IFA in 2015.

I want to thank the presenter Gunnar Bellstedt for his help. He is on the uneditted version of the video below.

Have fun with the video and especially with these moments: 0:00 – 1:00, 4:10 – 7:00 and 15:20 – 17:52.

FC Schalke 04 sponsor evening at ZOOM Gelsenkirchen

FC Schalke 04 and ZOOM Gelsenkirchen – that’s a good match! The sponsor evening was organized by FC Schalke 04 and ZOOM Gelsenkirchen.

I had the pleasure to perform for FC Schalke 04 and ZOOM Gelsenkirchen and I am excited to perform for both in the future!

17th press meeting from Dodenhof

I had the pleasure to be at the 17th press meeting from Dodenhof, the 17th July 2014. Besides my performance I helped out as a referee 😉
Dodenhof created a perfect World Championship feeling as you can see at the pictures.
Real championship feeling everywhere 🙂
“Living. Fashion. Technology. Sport”, as good as our national team who won 1:0 against Argentina in the legendary Maracana!