Sinan Öztürk broke three Guinness World Records at the World Record Day 2014 – His aim is to get Germanys most successful World Record holder

The Guinness World Record Day was organized by IMM in Mittweida. The event was profesional planed and organized by them. You find more information in the link below:

Togehter with the IMM Virtuos we tried to break four Guinness World Recors. I was able to break three of them and came a step closer to get Germays most successful Guinness World Record holder!

Below you find a list of the three World Records I broke at the IMM World Record Day in Mittweida 2014.


  1. Throw a football with your foot and catch it with your neck – 35 times in 1 minute
  2. Balance a football on your shin bone – 1 minute 55 seconds
  3. Balance a football on your head and do knee-bends – 52 times in 1 minute